Natural Diamond Orifices & Nozzles

Natural Diamond Orifices

DTI specializes in the design and production of diamond orifices, nozzles and assemblies.

Ruby and Sapphire Orifices & Nozzles

Ruby and Sapphire Orifices

DTI supplies ruby and sapphire orifices, nozzles and assemblies from conceptual design to finished product.

Shaped Diamond Blanks

Shaped Diamond Blanks

DTI produces standard and custom shaped, natural or synthetic diamond blanks.

Synthetic Diamonds

Synthetic Diamonds

DTI has the ability to cut, shape, and bond synthetic diamond material for a variety of applications.


Our services include:

The above video is an example of our diamond lasing process. The clip also demonstrates our ability to provide diamond lasing of natural, synthetic, PCD and CVD.


Recent News


dti™ is very proud to announce the launch of our new orifice product, tetraCORE™ for waterjet cutting and cleaning: the most significant innovation the waterjet industry has seen in decades! For more information on tetraCORE™ and to enter to win $5,000 in tetraCORE™ orifices, click here.

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Quickly learn from the experts how to guarantee the longest life of your orifice and surrounding equipment, see orifice testimonials from major OEMs in the waterjet cutting industry and see the ins and outs of DTI production and what it takes to create the highest quality products on the market today. Click here to watch the video.


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